Posted on: November 19, 2014 1am

Recap of the final stop in the 2014 California Enduro Series in Santa Cruz. Video by Sebastian Bauer and Mitch Nuyens. For the final event of the 2014 California Enduro Series, the tour headed to the Soquel Demonstration State Forest for the Bell Santa Cruz Super Enduro on Saturday, October 11. ‘Demo’ as it’s colloquially called is a super popular trail network—so much so that the event sold out in less than 10 minutes online. Great weather and a perfect venue at Camp Loma, with meals provided by title sponsor Bell, made for the perfect end to an amazing season of racing a great variety of trails and spending time with friends. With the Bell SCSE being the series finals, racers were not only sending it in hopes of getting on the podium; they were also trying to get those valuable series points in hopes of moving up in the series overall. With lots of fast CES racers coming from the Santa Cruz area, non-locals knew they had their work ahead of them. Times at the sharp end of the race were unbelievably tight once again, as racers hung it all out in the steep, dry, loose conditions of the weekend. After a big day on the bike, the venue was hopping as the beers and the stories flowed. After a long season, the Bell SCSE was the perfect ending, and racers agreed that they can’t wait for the 2015 season to get started!
California Enduro Series John Hauer defended his title as SCSE champ after a tight race in a stacked field. Photo by Called To Creation.
California Enduro Series Lea Davison took her strong riding all the way to a 1st place pro women finish. Photo by Tyler Wilkinson-Ray.
California Enduro Series 2014 CES champion, Ryan Chandler. Consistency pays off. Photo by Bogdan Marian.
California Enduro Series Lauren Gregg’s commitment to training and to the series put her in 1st place overall. Photo by Called To Creation.
California Enduro Series Practice time is always more fun with a good crew. Photo by Called To Creation.
California Enduro Series The obligatory race start photo. Photo by Called To Creation.
California Enduro Series Aaron Bradford, fresh off a Euro adventure came out to shred just up the hill from his home. Photo by Called To Creation.
California Enduro Series Felt rider Casey Coffman getting after it in the dry conditions. Photo by Called To Creation.
California Enduro Series South Lake Tahoe’s Monika Renk stepped it up to the pro class for the finals. Photo by Called To Creation.
California Enduro Series Jeff Kendall-Weed’s first mountain bike ride ever—over 15 years ago—was on this weekend’s stage 1. Photo by Tyler Wilkinson-Ray.
California Enduro Series Rachel Throop throwing down in the shade. Photo by Bogdan Marian.
California Enduro Series As demonstrated by Liam Ruff, hugging tight against the trees was the straightest, fastest way down stage 2. Photo by Bogdan Marian.
California Enduro Series
California Enduro Series Scott Chapin, dressed to impress, railing a sand rut on the volleyball court. Photos by Bogdan Marian.
California Enduro Series Mount Tam Apparel brought their silkscreener to make custom T-shirts onsite. Photo by Bogdan Marian.
California Enduro Series VP Components is the founding sponsor of the California Enduro Series. Great pedals! Photo by Called To Creation.
California Enduro Series DInner and beers were provided post-race. Thanks Bell and Lagunitas! Photo by Called To Creation.
California Enduro Series Pro Men’s Podium: 1st John Hauer 2nd Jeff Kendall-Weed 3rd Scott Chapin 4th Marco Osborne 5th Aaron Bradford Photo by Called To Creation.
California Enduro Series Pro Women’s Podium: 1st Lea Davison 2nd Joanna Petterson 3rd Amy Morrison 4th Alisha Engel 5th Brianna Spiersch Photo by Called To Creation.
California Enduro Series Men’s Overall California Enduro Series Podium: 1st Ryan Chandler 2nd Doug Thayer 3rd Jake Dore 4th Casey Coffman 5th Tom Doran Photo by Called To Creation.

California Enduro Series Women’s Overall California Enduro Series podium: 1st Lauren Gregg 2nd Brianne Spiersch 3rd Amy Morrison 4th Jackie Swider 5th Rachel Throop Photo by Called To Creation Words by Casey Coffman Photos by Scott McClain, Called to Creation / Bogdan Marian / Tyler Wilkinson-Ray Video by Mitch Nuyens and Sebastian Bauer