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AT’s Showdown

ANDREW TAYLOR’S SIGNATURE BIG AIR MOUNTAIN BIKE COMPETITION. AT’s Showdown 2016 Come out and watch At’s Showdown 2016 where the world’s best free-ride mountain bikers compete in a head to head competition, 
launching themselves upwards of 30′ in the air! Two riders at a time will drop into the courses
 performing flips, whips and stunts! QualifyingRead More>>

Reno-Shoot’n Mount’n Bik’n Blues! on Pinkbike This is the AT’s Showdown winning edit from Paul Bass! Biggest little edit in the world, featuring Paul Basagoitia and Raptorcam, editing done by elevated optics.

Joyriding with Jeremy and Nick on Pinkbike Check this fun edit from one of the star-studded teams competing in this year’s Showdown!….. then, go here to see video entries from all the teams: http://atshowdown.com/2012/video/ Good Fun!  

Introduction to AT’s Showdown 2013 on Pinkbike FROM AT HIMSELF: For this year’s Showdown I decided to change things up from a live event to an all online video and photo contest with over twenty teams. To give you an idea of what to expect from all the teams I set out with my buddiesRead More>>

AT’s Showdown 2012 #2 on Pinkbike AT’s Showdown is a main event at the SF Bike Expo hosted by Andrew Taylor The Showdown draws many of the worlds best freeride mountain bikers for a true head to head dirtjump competition New for this year will be an amateur competition for all up and coming riders

AT’s Showdown 2012 #3 on Pinkbike Highlights from the amateur comp & pro best trick at AT’s Showdown 2012…. One of the things that we love the most about this competition is that it has a dedicated AMATEUR competition. AT feels strongly about the future of the sport and giving athletes opportunities to compete atRead More>>