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Manufacturing Processes

in-house Extrusion Allows VP to save time, increase quality and expand the kinds of products we can produce. VP operates an Extrusion facility at our home factory complex in Taiwan.  Many of the bicycle components that we produce rely on Extrusion to save cost and increase quality, so we have invested in a purpose-built factoryRead More>>


    VP Creates our own Production Tooling and Molds to Ensure the highest quality Parts At VP we have a complete department dedicated to the creation of production tooling and molds needed to produce products in our factories. The quality of our finished products starts with the quality of the tools that we use.  Tool making requires uncommon attentionRead More>>

VP operates over 600 CNC machines

VP uses CNC Machining extensively in the production of parts for the bicycle industry. VP operates over 600 individual CNC Machines in its locations in Taiwan, China, and Vietnam.  In our 30+ year history CNC Machining was one of the first processes we undertook, so we have a deep experience in using these machines toRead More>>