The Key To Success

What is the best way to achieve success? For VP founder and president Victor Lin, the key to success is not being a genius, or "first to market", or "disruptive", or any of the things you may read on the subject. For VP, the key is sincerity and thankfulness. Just as making friends with sincerity and thankfulness leads to a good and long relationship, business cooperation with sincerity and thankfulness is what makes for long-term success and stability.  Our culture is rooted in sincerity and thankfulness.

We Will Do All We Can To Keep our Customers Moving Forward

Our Values

High Quality and Operational Excellence

Sustainability of our business starts with the highest possible product quality brought about by the highest operational standards. In operating a sustainable company the most important thing to be in control of is quality, because poor products and  high defect rates can damage a company for a long time. The key is to focus on High Quality through operational excellence as the way to lower defect rates and produce the best possible products.

Decency, Gratitude and Humility

True heartfelt thankfulness and an honest, humble approach to one's work and success is the foundation for greater learning, more fruitful partnerships, and a bright future in the world.  

Empowerment and Support For Our People

VP strives to create an environment where our people can can feel proud and motivated to do their best possible work.  This means not only providing the right technical support and training, but also treating people with kindness and respect.  


Our Goals


Enterprise Objective

Human-oriented / Sustainable Development
 Commitment to Quality & Innovation
Customer Satisfaction / Do It Right the 1st Time

Future Orientation

  • To become the world's top supplier of bicycle components.
  • To continually improve and to provide VP's best possible customer service.
  • Provide the best quality, influence price and value, and to deliver excellent products to our customers.
  • Continue to educate employees and managers learning the "Toyota Production System" and introduce "Total Productive Maintenance" (TPM) and "Toyota Quality Management" (TQM) activities. Consider Human-oriented practices and nurture talent, creating a win-win situation for the company and it's workers.