The NEW EPB System

The Low-Cost OEM Solution

VP’s new EPB (economic polymer bearing) System replaces loose ball bearings with specially engineered polymer bearings.  This system allows us to create a more simple, thinner, and lighter pedal for entry level OEM applications. VP pioneered the use of polymer bearings many years ago and now the same proven high-end technology is available as a cost-reducing OEM solution.    

EPB's Advantages:

  • Reduced Cost due to all in-house production and automatic assembly

  • Reduced WeighT

  • Thinner Bodies

  • Fewer Moving Parts

  • Adjustable Bearing Pre-Load

  • Easily Serviced


VPE-623 ang SVPE-623
  • Barrel Polished Aluminum Body
  • PP Resin Cage with inmold TPE tread
  • Option: VPE-857 PP body with TPE tread
    • Option: VPE-891 PP body without TPE tread

VPE-623 ang BVPE-857

  • PP Body
  • PP Resin Cage with inmold TPE tread
  • Option: VPE-891 without TPE tread


  • PP Body
  • PP Resin Cage with molded tread


  • Barrel Polished Aluminum Body
  • One Piece Design


  • PP Resin Body
  • Aluminum Cage


  • Barrel Polished Aluminum Body
  • One Piece Platform Body