Posted on: January 09, 2016 1am

CNC Machining is one of VP's strong suits


Our North American office based in Santa Barbara, CA is the design center of our company. Our USA team is well versed in all of our factory processes which they combine with their experience and ideas based on lives dedicated to bicycles and everything that they can do. The best ideas come from a deep understanding of the needs of the individual rider, and an immediate connection to the ideas of our customers.  Developing a design focus for our products has lead us to push the boundaries of what our machines and engineers can do.  Our design staff helps VP continually conceive of innovative products and quickly bring our customers concepts to life. We work collaboratively between internal and customer teams using a range of 3d software models, 2d models, 3d printed models, hand-made samples, and even napkin sketches and white-board scribbles.

What is Industrial Design?

Industrial design is a kind of product design applied to objects that are to be produced in a factory setting. The key to Industrial Design is that the designer is free to conceive of an object and design it from the standpoint of its end-user without having to be limited by how it will be produced.  Industrial Design completely de-couples the creative and problem-solving part of the process from the practical act of manufacturing the object.  This way, innovation is not stifled.

What can be made using this process?

At VP most everything we produce, no matter the price-point, begins life as a set of problems to solve, or an idea to do something more efficiently, or with more style. Thus, the Industrial Design process begins.  Our focus is sometimes on delivering innovative features to the rider, and at other times it could be to specifically design a product to meet a lower cost target.  Many times we are trying to deliver the best possible features for the lowest possible costs.  Because our Industrial Design team is in-house and an important part of our overall engineering and production group, we can work together to let innovative design foster innovations in engineering and innovations in factory production processes.