Posted on: January 09, 2016 12am




VP Creates our own Production Tooling and Molds to Ensure the highest quality Parts

At VP we have a complete department dedicated to the creation of production tooling and molds needed to produce products in our factories. The quality of our finished products starts with the quality of the tools that we use.  Tool making requires uncommon attention to detail and the experience of a master. Our highly skilled engineers and technicians take tool making to the highest form of art.  Not only do we create the tools, molds and fixtures needed to make our products, we also expertly maintain them throughout their production life, and we can also very easily and quickly anticipate the end of their useful lives and replace them without losing time in production which is one of the many ways we can keep our customers moving forward.

What are molds and tools?

In the bicycle business the terms “mold” and “tool” are mostly used interchangeably  In the worldwide bicycle industry we have to overcome some significant language barriers, so we tend to simplify some technical terms in manufacturing. Tooling in general refers to the range of  jigs, fixtures, dies, molds, machine tools, cutting tools, gauges, and other tools used in manufacturing processes. These are usually things that go into machines to position work pieces, or help a machine turn raw materials into the shapes specific to the desired finished part.  Not all tools are molds obviously, but all molds can be considered tools.



The Engineers and Technicians who work in our Mold Department are skilled artisans who already possess high attention to detail and a high aptitude as machinists.  At VP, we combine specific schooling and academic course-work with a long apprenticeship.  Tool making is is the intersection of Art, Engineering, and Science.