Posted on: August 28, 2017 9pm


Ryan Gardner negotiates a tricky rock drop on his Kona Process 153 fitted with VP-VX Adventure pedals.

Enduro is special kind of mountain bike race.  It combines endurance, huge climbs, and blistering descents to test not only the performance and stamina of the riders, but also their bicycles and components.  Enduro racers are required to climb and descend thousands of punishing feet in one competition without changing bikes or parts- so durability is a must for anyone competing to win.  The 2017 Northstar Enduro – round 6 of the California Enduro Series– sent nearly 400 racers out to tackle six stages of Northstar California Resort’s infamously gnarly course over two days. This race was the second round of the CES Golden Tour which showcases three of the top world-class venues in the state. The field was STACKED for both the Pro Men and Pro Women attracting all of the top riders in the United States and some of the world’s best professional enduro racers from the Enduro World Series circuit.

The Northstar Enduro proved especially challenging both physically and mentally. Racers tackled tracks that included everything from lung burning pedally sections to burly rock gardens. VP was well represented at the sharp end of the pro classes with California Enduro Series leaders Ryan Gardner and Essence Barton.  Using their VX pedals they finished 6th and 5th respectively showing that they are competitive on every level with VP’s support.


Essence Barton smiles for the camera ahead of a 3000ft climb to prove she is as fast as the anyone in the world.

VP’s support of CES over its 5 year existence has been critical in the growth of enduro in the USA, but even closer to home is the importance that our athletes in the series have in testing and developing grips and pedals in the intense crucible that is enduro.  Our customers always benefit from the experience that our athletes give us in developing products that perform to a high standard and are prodcuts that the best actually want to ride.  You can trust that our stuff works and is built to go fast and get you across the line!


Riders check their times on the screen.  The California Enduro Series uses top-level technology to deliver accurate and instant live timing.

VP was proud to be represented by Ryan and Essence at Northstar California in the second round of the California Enduro Series Golden Tour.