Posted on: October 22, 2013 4pm

Introduction to AT’s Showdown 2013 on Pinkbike


For this year’s Showdown I decided to change things up from a live event to an all online video and photo contest with over twenty teams. To give you an idea of what to expect from all the teams I set out with my buddies Long Nguyen and Mark Zealand to put together this demo video. It was good times and we definitely got a little weird, so hopefully you’ll enjoy it!


Video Contest – Shot 100% With iPhone & Hitcase
Each team will have six weeks starting September 15th to film a two minute video that will go head to head on Pinkbike to battle it out for a $9,000 prize purse. Be sure to check back from November 11th – 18th to watch and vote on your favourite videos. They will be uploaded to the AT’s Showdown Contest video section.

Instagram Photo Contest – Bangers 4 Benjamins
We’re throwing down $3,000 over the next three weeks. $200 every weekday starting October 21st and ending November 8th for the invited riders with the best Instagram uploads. The winners will be announced daily at 9:00 AM PST via the ShowdownInstagram and Facebook.

How You Can Be A Part of AT’s Showdown
Follow @atshowdown & @hitcase on Instagram
Upload a riding photo of how you hit it and tag them with @hitcase & #atshowdown on Instagram
Week one Winner Announced October 26th – Prize Pack value $500
Week Two Winner Announced November 2nd – Prize Pack value $700
Week Three Winner Announced November 9th – Prize Pack value $1000

1 Greg Watts, Cameron McCaul, Tyler McCaul, Alex Reveles
2 Ryan Howard, Kyle Jameson, Connor Gallart, Ray George, Jeff Herbertson
3 Clemens Kaudela, Niki Leitner, Patrick Leitner, Fabian Klhus
4 Linus Sjöholm, Simon Johansson
5 Erik Lawrenuk, Mark Mathews, Nick Tingren
6 Graham Agassiz, Matt Miles
7 Jamie Goldman, Carson Storch
8 Andrew Bigelow, Nick Clarke
9 Jake Kinney, Garrett Robertson
10 Garett Buehler
11 Josh Hult, Kurtis Downs, Benjamin Voyles
12 John Hauer, Ben Cruz, David Smith
13 Paul Basagoitia, Justin Woodcock
14 Tom van Steenbergen, Casey Groves, Gaton Garvie, Noah Brousseua
15 Steven Bafus, Jay Trautman, Weylin Rose, Ethan Fortney, Rob Crump
16 CP Gang, Nicola Pescetto
17 Mitch Chubey, Anthony Messere
18 Max Grom, Jack Fogelquist, Christian Wright
19 Phil Sundbaum, Robbie Wright
20 Thomas Ravina, Chris Ravina, Tsering Allen

For more information check out and stay tuned to Pinkbike for the videos as they start to roll out on November 11th.