Stuff wears out and needs to be replaced and maintained if you ride hard.  Sometimes, things can even break.  That's beyond our control in most cases.  We can, however, guarantee that anything VP makes will be free from defects in manufacturing and design for a period of at least one year from date of purchase.  But, please remember that high performance bike parts need to be serviced regularly and if you have an issue that arises from a lack of maintenance, then its not going to be covered by warranty if it breaks. In any case, VP is not responsible for what you do with your bicycle and we cannot be responsible for products which break when not installed correctly or which have been used inconsistently with the product's design.  If you are not sure that something will work the way you envision using it, contact us or your local retailer.

All warranty must be handled through your point of sale.  If you have any Warranty concern you should contact the retailer where you originally purchased the product.